Owned and operated by Joshua Butler.  Josh is a USA Certified Level One Archery Instructor who has a deep passion for archery and bowhunting and has been involved with the sport for over twenty years. He spends much of his free time shooting & bowhunting deer, turkey, wild boar and just about anything he can legally shoot an arrow at. Josh also attends several 3D shoots each year with his wife and daughter. Having been involved in archery for two decades, he has stayed up to date on changes in the industry and advancements in archery technology.

Josh realized that archery is perhaps the world’s most inclusive sport and archery is more about technique than brute strength. Few activities let you begin when you’re tall enough to hold a bow and keep you participating throughout your life time. He felt the area needed a place for the sport of archery to grow and wanted to provide archers and bowhunters a place to purchase new equipment and have their current equipment serviced. He also wanted to provide a range where people could enjoy spending time with friends and family, all while honing their archery skills and truly maximizing their potential. So, Josh decided to open Impulse Archery.

Impulse Archery will provide you with only the finest quality archery equipment and accessories. We are a full service professional archery shop and we make sure that each and every bow sale is custom matched to our customer’s needs. We provide arrow tuning programs to ensure that arrows are matched to the archer’s equipment and shooting style. We are proud to offer a "tuning range" and will assist you with bow tuning.  Impulse Archery also provides bow tuning with all new bow purchases so that your arrows equipped with either target points or broadheads fly exactly where you aim. When customers leave our facility their bow will be set up and tuned with the sights dialed in, so next time they step to the line in a target match, take the field in a 3D tournament, or drawing back on the buck of a lifetime, they will have the confidence and ability to make the shot.

I personally look forward meeting and serving each and every person that comes in my shop.

Joshua Butler


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